Do you want to hear what Exdintra students have to say about their experience?

Ana E.

“I felt very motivated and supported by my mentor. The tutors were very close and flexible. A very important aspect of the course that I want to share in this testimony is that I had no problems in getting my course credits approved in the USA. I did it through WES, since UDIMA is on their list, and the truth is that everything was very fluid and fast, even Udima (University at a distance in Madrid) provided me with all the documentation I needed in English, which expedited the procedure.”

Carmen L.

“I feel like a Globalknowmad, (…) I have a restless and curious mind. Through the courses I have taken with Exdintra I have achieved the technological tools to adapt to this changing reality and take advantage of the different teaching scenarios with very good results for me”.

Midori I.

“The experience with Exdintra was very exciting, it is the phrase that best describes in my case how my whole learning process took place. The tutorials were excellent (..) , despite the distance I felt close. The master’s degree I did was a very creative experience, an experience that must be tried to feel another way of learning”.

Natalia C.

“Over the years I realized that I needed more training. At first I was a little skeptical, but I must say, it has been a wonderful experience, I have felt the teachers very close, connected by phone, by email, always available to the students for whatever they might need. An incredible experience teaching me by example what it is like to be a teacher at the forefront, I felt more qualified than many of my colleagues.”