It arises from a deep concern to help teachers adapt to the classroom of the present and the demand of the new generations of students, improving their digital and technological competences and breaking the belief of “I am not capable”

Elizabeth Miras

A little of my teaching re- evolution


The digital and technological world is a reality in formation today. exist in addition thousands of online platforms and info producers of content to which We can go to specialize in any subject.

However, we know that new technologies have opened up access to so much information, that what has been lost is the training quality filter, and that, sometimes leads us to invest our energy, time and money in content and techniques that do not meet our needs, with the consequent abandonment, frustration and mistrust in this type of training.


20 years ago

A TED talk

marked my story

I heard a professor at the University of Massachusetts talking about the decline of face-to-face teaching in the following years and of all the advantages he had digitized teaching. He said that the university of the future would be online and that learning would have to be more autonomous and cooperative on the part of students.

I was struck by what he was saying and at that moment I began to create a new route in my teaching career towards a shift in the paradigm.


I bet and I trusted, I could also be a teacher capable of handling the new learning environments that were emerging 

whether virtual or face-to-face, but both impregnated with that digital essence reflection of an increasingly hyperconnected society and a generation of students more technologically evolved and with greater methodological demands in their learning.

Our philosophy

Exdintra is born from a deep concern to change

I have listened to my student-teachers during all these years making me reflect on what that was not giving to them and that they needed.

Exdintra is a way of responding and solving many of the concerns that they commented to me as a tutor in their training. If you identify with Exdintra’s philosophy, it is that you are a teacher who has known understand the demand of your students, their lifestyle, and that you want to be part of the change, you want to make learning an exciting process in the classroom, foster their curiosity and be connected with them in all dimensions that define their generation.

We use the concept “experiment” in what we do because we believe that learning must be that:

An experience that generates joy, satisfaction and surprise.

The world evolves, it is something palpable, and education is a visible reflection of these changes. Do we really feel, as committed teachers, that we can continue giving traditional classes outside of this technological reality so evident in the classroom?

All of us at Exdintra believe in flexible and adaptable teaching

cooperative, creative in the use of resources and tools, open to new challenges, dynamic, playful, where not only is the teaching methodology being transformed, but also, the roles that teachers and students play in the classroom.

I do want to be part of this educational Re-evolution and Exdintra is a way to Be part of it.