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Master in Digital Teaching


(Distance Learning University of Madrid)

The current transformation of the educational framework has accelerated the digitization of classroom teaching to virtual teaching, a step that brings new challenges for teachers in this adaptation to new learning environments

With this master’s degree in innovation and digital and technological teaching, we want teachers to have an inspiring and motivating educational experience. That is why we have developed a course with a didactic architecture with a practical approach that will not leave you indifferent

Our mission is to give you a quality qualification and that at the end of your training you have integrated technology in your classroom in a fluid, motivating and healthy way.

  • Highly personalized learning: an educational mentor will guide you in your training process by attending to your specific needs so that you can achieve your goals 100%.
  • Pedagogy based on neuro-educational principles: learn enthusiastically
  • Active methodology and interactive content: manage digital resources and tools – technologies that help you improve your teaching skills in the 21st century
  • Collaborate in your own process of learning: create, explore, research and have fun interacting with other teachers at all times

Course Information

You will have at your disposal a teaching guide where the schedule of each module will be detailed in order to better organize yourself during the development of the different subjects.

Personal tutorials with your teachers, you will be able to connect with them through a mobile application

In each module you will enjoy:

  • an interactive theoretical content presented with tools that you will be able to use
  • live and pre-recorded virtual classes with your teacher
  • collaborative tasks to share and build knowledge
  • tasks to put into practice the content that is being provided
  • techno-talk from experts in each of the subjects to complement the learning
  • a follow-up evaluation control
  • virtual library to access complementary material

Construirás tu propio Portfolio de Competencia Digital Docente

Tendrás acceso a un espacio creativo exclusivo como alumno

En la etapa final del curso realizarás un módulo de prácticas (presenciales o virtuales) y un TFM (trabajo fin de máster) donde tendrás la oportunidad de profundizar e investigar de la mano de un experto en el área  de conocimiento que más se identifique con tus gustos y necesidades educativas

You will build your own Teaching Digital Competence Portfolio

You will have access to an exclusive creative space as a student

In the final stage of the course you will do an internship module (classroom or virtual) and a TFM (final master’s work) where you will have the opportunity to deepen and investigate with an expert in the area of knowledge that most identifies with your tastes and educational needs


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