Improve your digital and technological skills

adapting to new teaching environments with a method that allows you to be in control of your class and to teach it effectively.

50% of students worldwide have been affected by school closures. Now is the time to respond and define modern education in the face of this new reality.


With the training we have designed in each course, you will become an expert technological teacher improving your skills in:

Virtual and face-to-face classrooms within your teaching context 

Teaching highly creative, exciting + active classes

Having control of class management using all virtual platforms

Remain in control in this new digital world and be ready to adapt with the times

Personalized Mentoring

We listen to you. Your personal mentor will know from the very first day your specific concerns and interests. We are deeply involved to meet your needs and ensure that your learning objectives are 100% met, adapting the course to your goals and your teaching context.

Expert Faculty

The courses are taught by highly-qualified professors, specialized in each subject and with extensive experience in the field they teach. They will accompany you at all times, listen to you, support you and help you throughout the process.

Innovative Methodologies

We invest a lot of time and care in the design of our course content so that it is interactive and motivational for you. We acknowledge the positive benefits of planning dynamic online classes and selecting practical situations that you can adapt for your own specific educational environment so that you enjoy learning without technological stress.

Prestigious and Academic Confidence

We collaborate with National and International Universities, that endorse our training, to give greater guarantee to your Academic Certification, strengthen your curriculum and improve your professional opportunities.

Inclusive Instruction

We study in depth the development of each course, so that it is versatile in content. We offer training in two languages, eliminating as many limitations as possible.

Added Benefits

As a student you can enjoy a creative space with exclusive access where you can learn even more with talks and live interviews with experts, virtual coffee breaks where you can exchange ideas and experiences, workshops to fortify content, events and more ideas that complement your training, strengthening your experience and academic knowledge.


100% relief and calm for you in your training. Our experience of more than 20 years in this educational teaching environment gives you maximum possibilities of success as you improve your digital and technological skills and the impact they can have in your classroom.


Neuroscience has shown that the best methodology is the one that mixes brain and heart. We want to thrill you and enhance your curiosity with each one of our courses, because we know that “we only learn what we love”.


Since we are online, you will have more flexibility with your time and space which will allow you to dedicate more time to other aspects of your life: family, friends, work, leisure, rest, etc. You can take advantage of the connection wherever you are without feeling limited by your location.


With the help and advice from your educational mentor as facilitator, you will feel supported during your entire learning process, helping you to overcome any obstacle understanding your individual interests with empathy.

In collaboration with UDIMA 

(Universidad a distancia de Madrid)

More than 20 years of experience in specialized education for teachers.

A prestigious faculty based in Spain and the USA, with expertise in different current teaching methodologies.

´`With more than 15 years of experience creating online courses to provide effective solutions to teachers’ specific needs and demands.